Next Generation Oil & Gas Tracer

Advanced nanoparticle-sized DNA tracer.

Bantek’s approach offers a data-driven technology designed to maximize returns on the operator’s investment through more accurate data and more efficient output from a non-hazardous tracer.

Bantek’s tracer is used to identify thief zones, natural fractures, variable well rates, permeability variations, zonal flow profiles, and interwell/offset fluid communication and interface.

The Advantages of Bantek’s Approach


    Optimizes future well completion designs and provides data to clients for future decision making. Bantek’s tracer will enable Oil & Gas operators to track oil, water, and proppant variables during the well completion process. Applications include multi-stage completions, quantifying zonal flowback efficiency, interwell/offset fluid communication and interference, interstage/offset fluid communication and interface, as well as formation ion profile (Na, Ca, K, Mg, and Cl).


    Maximizes advantages in fluid flowback procedures, completion strategy, stimulation fluid design, well production, well spacing, sub-stage spacing, zonal contribution, zonal isolation, intelligent well performance.


    Designed to assist in identification of thief zones, natural fractures, transverse dispersion, variable well rate, permeability variations, and high-permeability conduits within the reservoir.


    Tracers are deployed into target injection wells and sampled at and off pattern producers yielding specific qualitative information such as direct communication between injector and producer, exact break-through times between injector and producer, extent of formation layering, sweep pore volume and sweep efficiency, as well as gel treatment volume estimation.

analytics reporting per client specifications.